Today we had a brilliant company team building day out and about within the Lake District, providing a guided tour of Hodge Close quarry and Cathedral Cavern.

What an amazing team and inspiring group of individuals to share the day with. The Hive based in Wirral, offer services for the youth (8-19) and others with disabilities up to the age of 25, providing brilliant services within their doors, awesome staff, and amazing facilities for their Hive family.

To share this day with the team that keep these places full of life, and offer such a selfless service to the youth, was more than a pleasure for ourselves, to share steps, and story’s alongside with. We had such a brilliant day in the company of the amazing humans who attended, and we’re truly looking forward to hopefully being back out in the great outdoors with every one of you who explored the Lake District with us today.

If any other companies reading this would like to join us on a company team building day, tailored to the team with all different ranges, styles, and offers of scenic views, please email or get in touch through our contact page. We can arrange a date, and a trip, to bond the team after copious amounts of isolation, and allowing the workforce to release any stresses and brain tension with the beautiful force of Mountain Therapy.

For more information about the work The Hive Youth Zone – Wirral Youth Zone do, please visit

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