New monthly step challenge, Local well-being walks, College presentations, Free guided lake district hikes and much more.

Monthly step challenge

The start of March seen Joe’s Giants round up points for those completing Februarys step challenge, which was to step similar distance to the Bob Graham round, which is 66 miles long the equivalent to 140,000 steps. We then set the challenge for March by providing those many stepping enthusiasts the challenge of walking the distance or further of Hadrians wall, which is a massive 73 mile trek the equivalent to 155,000 steps. With many individuals taking part, the game is on to see who can beat the monthly challenges and gain the most calculated steps at the end of the year to win a prize.

Stepping on Stigma walks – Southport

Our stepping on stigma walks flourished throughout march, the walks were based for men only and individual a mental health workshop held by evolving mindset after, in the fabulous Bliss Hotel. The walks had taken place on either a Tuesday or Wednesday, weekly throughout the month. As a group we had strolled in many locations involving, the Marine lake, Ainsdale nature reserve and around Southport’s surroundings. It was great to meet so many, share conversations and be inspired by others stories. Thank you to all that had joined us.

Mountain Hikes

We held many private and group, free guided hikes this month. The first of our groups walks (12/03/2022) seen lots of keen souls head up Walla crag and extending over to Bleaberry in the Lake District. Lots of rainbows, sun, good visibility and small rain showers proved for a brilliant day to be out.

Walla Crag

For the second walk (19/03/22) we had an amazing turn out and jaunt up to the tip of Skiddaw. It was a very sunny day, but a lot of wind also came to accompany the sunshine. Nevertheless we achieved the mission, even though we couldn’t hear each other at points.

Summit of Skiddaw

Our third and final walk of the month (26/03/2022), we were blessed by brilliant weather for our hike up Place fell with others. It was a fantastic day out and was great to see some new faces out in the hills.

Heading to the summit of place fell

College presentation

Another presentation delivered at KGV with the students, preparing them with all the relevant tools, skills and knowledge to make information packs for the other students, ready for a two day retreat completing two low level walks around the Forrest of Bowland.

An absolute pleasure to come in again and speak with the younger, and future generation, hoping to inspire the power of the great outdoors and the effects and benefits in which it can play within our mental health.

Thankyou again to KGV, and the leaders of the sports and education sector for giving us this opportunity to share the power of nature.

Mental Health Thoughts

Do you ever reflect on your past? Do you understand how far you’ve come? Do you value areas of life that we’re never anticipated to be valued beforehand?
Life pushes, and works in mysterious ways. Your journey to this day, this hour, this moment, this second, is all part of your path and your quest. Every choice, every decision, every evaluation allows you now to reflect on where you’ve been, how much you have conquered, how many demons you have faced and how many battles you have risen from.
Always keep moving, and then when you stop, have another look in the reflection once again and learn more and more about yourself through each step.

What’s To come?

Lots more local walks, we hope to introduce an all gender wellbeing walk as well as our men’s only.

Plenty of free guided mountain hikes, our aim is to share what we feel is a powerful coping mechanism by connecting individuals with the outdoors, allowing them to disconnect with their daily life.

Darkness into Light walk in May, see climbs tab for more.

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